Repairing Linux Partition Structure (in Ubuntu)

29 Mar

This post explains about the way to repair the partition table that removed or damaged. If our Linux partition table has gone, automatically we can’t boot the Linux kernel image. So we have to boot with live Cd to repair it. Firstly we have to prepare the stuff we need before beginning to repair partition table, those :

  1. Ubuntu live Cd
  2. Internet connection

now we’re ready to repair the partition table by this way:

  1. Insert live Cd and boot it
  2. Set up Internet connection
  3. Download testdisk in
  4. Install that package.
  5. Open Terminal:  Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal.
  6. Type Command : sudo testdisk then terminal will display like this 
  7. Press [Enter]
  8. Press [Enter]
  9. Press [Enter]
  10. Press [Y]
  11. Press [Enter]
  12.  Choose [Write] and Press [Enter]
  13. Press [Y]
  14.  Press [Enter]
  15. Finish. Then reboot  the system to take effect.
    Hopefully this post will help you to recover your file system back. Good Luck!
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